Victorian Pathway

Victorian Pathway 

New Victorian mosaic pathway tiles  Installation. Looking to increase the value of your home inside or out ? Interested in giving your garden a brand new look and feel. Installing a brand new garden path tiles can do just that. Each Pathway is designed and laid exclusively for you.

From small porches to large Pathway we have done it all. Go to the Victorian Pathway section to learn more and see our photo gallery .

Victorian Pathway Tiling

Pathways are the backbone of any place which provides a sense of structure and order. It adds elegance and beauty to the place while oozing off directive appearance. On the other hand, Victorian tiles emits a bygone charm to create a sense of sophistication in any setting. What if these two are combined? Definitely, an amazing result awaits in the corner.

Victorian Pathway tiles is a masterpiece which is way more challenging to accomplish than any other typical tiling and often calls for greater level of skills from the tilers. Carrying out the installation and restoration is a complex process which should be done by professional tilers in order to achieve the authentic and historic look right in your pathway.

In order to attain the Victorian period feel with its dramatic floor pattern in your pathway, it should be then ensured that the tiles have less or no space at all and the minimal use of grout which at all times, is the first one to get horrible. The Victorian tiles should be installed perfectly and should be laid out on the pathway symmetrically with the field pattern finishing on a whole or half tile prior to the boarder.



Exterior Tiles

Pathways with Victorian tiles have embellishing features for modern style properties that will surly lure everyone to take a tour of the whole place. Who says you cannot give your very own touch on your pathway? With Victorian tiling, your own imagination is the only restriction. When installed correctly and accurately, your pathway will surely display a stunning view that even you, yourself cannot take your eyes off of it. It will surely be an eye-candy for anyone.

There are endless combinations to choose from to create the unique pathway you’ve been dreaming off. This allows you to give your signature like an artist do in his art work. It also means that you can create a unique pathway which is completely your design. Aside from its pleasing appeal, it is also easier to maintain. A pathway with either colourful or homochromous tile looks striking and well-maintained. It will give anyone an idea of what kind of person walks through the pathway with its hygienic and decorative look in as much as it enhances the style and beauty of your home.

Outdoor path tiles

Although it may be labour expensive, Victorian pathway tiling is a must have in every home specially those who wishes to have a modern yet vintage look in their houses. These tiles, which was once reserved for the rich and famous, is now accessible for your home for an aristocratic feeling whenever you walk right at the pathway. It like going on a stroll with your feet walking down the 18th century pathways and building or houses. Undoubtedly, Victorian tiled pathway is slowly taking back the limelight nowadays.

Having pathway in Victorian tiles is like travelling back in time right in your home – an experience that anyone couldn’t resists. With its array of dazzling colours and intricate patterns, your home will surely create a warm and inviting atmosphere turning it into a homely sanctuary.