Reproduction Victorian Tiles

Reproduction Victorian Tiles

Victorian floor tiles don`t have to be complicated to look stunning.
The victorian floor tile patterns is a classic in black and white, but any combination of colours looks gratin any room or situation.
A practical choices for Pathways, Hallways, Bathrooms.
Geometric mosaic floors tiles can be installed with underfloor heating.

Geometric mosaic floors are composed in various colours, shapes and sizes and we are able to produce an infinite number of attractive designs.

HICompany ltd, offer a complete design to installation services for you Reproduction Victorian Tiles.
We use only high quality materials. In addition to our expertise in path, hall floor and porch we can also provide York Stone Steps, metal railing, paving slaps.

Victorian mosaic tiles are an elegant and original feature that will add value to your property and give you many years of pleasure.

HICompany offers a complete design-to-installation service for your tiles pattern.
In addition to our expertise in Victorian floor Tiles, we can also provide:

  • Design and selection advice
  • Floor levelling and re-screeding
  • Structural flooring repairs or alterations
  • Underfloor heating
  • Door trimming
Reproduction Victorian Tiles

Advice on installing Victorian mosaic tiles

  • It’s very important that Victorian floor tiles installation is performed by a skilled tiler who has substantial experience working with such tiles.
  • Always ensure that the base on which the tiles are to be fixed is solid, smooth and has been checked by the tiler.
  • It’s not suitable for general builders or handymen who have not previously worked on mosaic tiling projects.
  • Working with tiles requires thorough planning from start to finish since even a small mistake can seriously impact the quality of the finished work.

With time Victorian mosaic floor tiles began to be used by broader population. Simple tile designs were used in hallways, front gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, entrances as well as residences. Today’s nostalgia for Victorian aesthetic lead to recreations of the original floor using modern technology and traditional methods of clay colouring.