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We are a London base company with years of experience in traditional tiling styles. We carry out the new installation and restoration both interior and exterior tiles. Our team are experts in their field and they take great pride in delivering the highest quality of services.

Victorian tiles were installed for two main reasons, they were considered to be hygienic and decorative. Some might say that the Victorian aesthetic was over the top but the effect of a hallway floor, decorative pathway and porch certainly impressed any guest.

Whit years of experience we can cater for anything from:

Edwardian tiles, Paving Stone, Brick wall, Metal Railing, York Stone Steps, Hallway, Metal Gate, Rope Edging, Reproduction Victorian Floor Tiles…

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Victorian Pathway Dulwich

Victorian Pathway

Whether you have a small porch or a large pathway that needs tiling, we are here to help. Interested in giving your home a brand new look and fell?. Installing a brand new Victorian porch tiles can do just that. Whit seemingly endless design, colours, Victorian Tiles London can supply you with the correct tiles that are needed to meet your needs. Using only the highest quality workmanship and installation practices, we will get the job done right. SEE OUR WORK

Victorian mosaic floor tiles

The hallway is one of the most important places in the house and, in most cases, the most overlooked. In the past, hallways are given utmost importance, most especially during the Victorian era. It is the place in the house where visitors are received and so they were particular that their hallway designs showed style and class that reflected their wealth and sophistication Which is why during that time, families belonging to the high society had elaborate ​ floor tiles hallway​ to present to guests. SEE OUR WORK


Victorian hallway tiles
Victorian tiles restoration

Victorian Tiling Restoration

Restoration of Victorian hallways and pathways. Original Victorian floors tiles become discoloured from being hidden under carperts, get painted over or just need a little TLC. A combination of modern equipment and old fashioned elbow grease can bring them back to life and preserve them for many more years to come.

Many original floors still exist but at the sme time a substantial amount have been destroyed, whether it be through subsidence or modernisation (i.e central heating pipes, carpet grippers etc.) by using square edged hand cut tiles which can be closly matched to original colours, Victorian tiles London can achieve excellent restoration results. READ MORE

Metal Railing
Metal Railing
Paving Stone
Paving Stone
Brick Wall
Brick Wall
Stone Steps, YorkStone
Stone Steps


There’s no doubt that Victorian tiles look beautiful and classy but different designs may look better for different people. The perfect design may also depend on where you want to put them. That’s why it’s important to know the major designs before you choose and buy your Victorian mosaic tiles.

Victorian floor tile patterns are composed of vitrified ceramic tiles in various colours, shapes and sizes and are able to produce an infinite number of attractive designs.